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Crowdfunding is the process of collecting money from a large number of people over the internet in exchange for the actual product or perks, but without giving up any equity in your company. The easiest way to explain crowdfunding is taking pre-orders like in an infomercial, then use that money to pay the factory to build the product, ship it to you, then you ship to your customers. This will limit your capital required to launch your new product reducing both financial and business risk.  


If executed well, the crowdfunding process has many benefits :
  • It is free to set up a campaign, although you may want to hire some marketing experts for best results. Keep in mind it is a full time job for a number of months.
  • ​It provides a source of capital to finalize engineering, setup factory, purchase inventory, and even cover initial marketing expenses to launch your business
  • ​Losses are shared with your backers if for some reason you don’t deliver
  • ​Get massive exposure to your product and brand as crowdfunding sites get enormous traffic on a daily basis
  • ​Get customer input before building the first batch. This may allow you to make last minute changes impacting feature set, colors, performance, and cost. 


There are many moving parts when crowdfunding a new product and it can often seem overwhelming. There is so much to do with dependencies between each step of the crowdfunding process. We have curated a team of industry experts in each functional area to maximize the probability of your campaigns success. We will develop a customized crowdfunding strategy specifically for your product. You will have a marketing success manager as your single point of contact to execute on this strategy managing a team of over 15 industry experts.


The key to a successful crowdfunding campaign is having a very large email interest list. Use our FREE email quota calculator do determine how many emails you need before launch day. If you don’t have enough emails, you will fail, so don’t launch until minimum number is reached. 


Have your social media pages professionally setup with beautiful cover photos cropped to correct size to show up properly on each device. We will select a handle name for each platform that will increase the chances of someone mentioning your brand. Then researching keywords and and use them naturally on page written content. We will also cross promote your social media and website landing pages


Once a potential backer provides their email address it is critical to maintain their interest in the product. This is done with a series of emails keeping the potential backers up to date on the projects status and any changes to launch date. Then a final set of reminder emails will be sent right before you launch. You will need raise 30% of your campaign goal within the first 3 days in order to hit the goal so the email series are critical for success


In order to collect the email list we need a place to send potential backers. This is a simple landing page or 1 page website announcing the product, when it will be available, include a product image and a video if possible, a signup box, and a call to action. Statistically 5% of emails should convert to someone backing your product for a reward/perk (in most cases this means purchasing your product). 


The purpose of an affiliate page is to allow people interested in promoting your product to sign up as an affiliate. They will get paid a commission for sending leads to your sales funnel that make a purchase using their own marketing efforts at their expense


When searching online for a new product or business your site will not show up in organic search right away. It can take months or even longer to show up on first page of search let alone first organic position. There are a number of short term steps that can be done to speed up this process such as submitting to search engines, directories, sites, maps, apps, and virtual assistants. The goal is when someone searches for your product all organic spots on page 1 are related to your business.


Other than your email list your crowdfunding video is probably the second most important part of your Crowdfunding campaign. We offer 4 types of videos for crowdfunding campaigns including Docu-Style, InStudio, LifeStyle, and 2D Explainer Video. Examples are shown below and pricing for each is in Pre-Launch Services List. Just select check box of the video type you would want based on type and budget.

2D Explainer





A well setup crowdfunding page can result in not only exceeding your funding goal, but also gathering valuable marketing input on your product to make final changes before you build your first production run. We will setup your account, create the campaign, crowdfunding competition research, copywriting including (title, description, and text body), team info write-up, visual graphics, and setup of rewards/perks structure and text. 


450-word publication standard press release, keyword research and distribution on 400 websites 


Next is to set up Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive traffic to your Pre-Launch Page. These adds can be in the form of video, images, or even just text. We will take the following steps to setup and run your paid ads:
  • Overall Campaign setup
  • ​Create add sets and A/B test add creation
  • ​Custom, interests, and lookalike audiences research and setup
  • ​Demographic audience setup (age, gender, language, income, location, device and platform)
  • ​Technical setup (goal, budget, bid, ad scheduling)


Custom content creation designed specifically for each social media channel to get the best results. This includes eye catching graphic design, infographics, content, call to actions on certain channels, scheduling, and Hashtag outreach all resulting in organic growth of likes and followers. 
We are a CROWDFUNDING company offering end-to-end product development for Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Soft Goods, and a strong background in high technology products such as IoT, Smart Devices, and Wearables. 

At Rabbit Product Design we specialize in helping clients navigate the patent landscape for new product ideas then development unique product concepts based on available opportunities. We have a full team of researchers, industrial designers, mechanical and electronics engineers, software and APP developers, prototype experts, and manufacturing engineers. We even have a department to help with crowdfunding and marketing your new product to the market. 

We help our clients bring products all the way to the market, and not just the fuzzy front end or stopping at creating a prototype. And we have the experience to do this as all of our Designers, Engineers, and Marketers are all SENIOR LEVEL with over 1,000 combined products taken to market. Wouldn’t you want a product manufacturing company with the best talent working on your product?
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